Innovative Emergency Equipment serves those who serve others. Specializing in the design, manufacture, and distribution of sheet metal equipment, command centers, storage and duty gear boxes, consoles, window guards, and more, Innovative Emergency Equipment provides reliable, protective, functional equipment for emergency vehicles in fire and police departments, rail transportation, and federal agencies.

With over 20 years of industry experience, Innovative Emergency Equipment has a proven track record of providing specialized equipment for first responders and protection professionals who require unique products to meet the challenges of their duties. Innovative Emergency Equipment is committed to engineering, designing, testing, and manufacturing the high-quality in-vehicle sheet metal products that those who protect and serve rely on to get their jobs done.

Innovative Emergency Equipment designs exclusively with 3D CAD—utilizing both SolidWorks and ProNest—taking out the guesswork in assemblies and mating products to specific vehicles. With a combined 30 years of experience in sheet metal design between engineers, our team can foresee stopgaps, increase production efficiencies, and maximize your return on investment. In the end, our entire team is on board to deliver the product you require, exacted to your specifications.

At Innovative Emergency Equipment, we don’t just talk the talk. Our employees have backgrounds as first responders, and we know the unique demands of the job in the field. That’s why our product designs are based on reality, engineered to function reliably, and manufactured to meet unique vehicle specifications.

Innovative Emergency Equipment designers also consider the technicians, as our products must be easily installed to save time on builds. In essence, our products are engineered in conjunction with people who work in law enforcement and emergency first response: the end user guides our design approach, from concept to design to build to install.

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