Electronic Storage

Valuable electronics are vital to your job, but they must be securely stored. With Innovative electronic storage and false floor solutions, you know that electronics will be secured out of sight, yet easily accessible when you need to get to them. Whether under the rear seat in an SUV or pickup truck, or enclosed on the back of a cargo cage, all electronic storage products are easily mounted and secured.


  • Exclusive sliding hidden-drawer system
  • Easy access to the spare tire where applicable
  • 12-gauge gusseted brackets permits mounting of boxes or heavy equipment
  • Integrated nutcerted mounting holes for ease of mounting


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Peace of mind knowing invaluable electronics are securely stored away
  • Multiple design options to suit your vehicle and job demands

Products Include:

  • Electronic Storage
  • Electronic Tray
  • Flare Box
  • Aedec Seat bracket
  • Bird Board
  • Flare Box Lid
  • False Floor Organizer
electronic storage old image