Command Center

Standard and custom-designed modular command centers are built for efficiency. Choose from our vast array of standard designs or customize the command center to meet your particular needs.

All command centers may include the following:

  • 500-pound slides
  • Poly coating
  • Paddle cam latches to help eliminate rattles

Integrated modular designs can include:

  • White board with tilt-up or Lexan-covered flat design, in any drawer
  • Locking paddle latches
  • File drawers
  • Worktables
  • Radio boxes with speaker cutouts
  • Mic stands
  • Locking 500-pound slides
  • Electronic push-button slam-latch lock with key override
  • Manual push button deadbolt lock with key override


  • Detailed, custom designs
  • 500-pound slides
  • Poly coated


  • Built for efficiency
  • Reduced rattling with paddle latches
  • Choose from a variety of standard designs or customize
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